Eastern & Western
Medicine Under One Roof

Veterinarian in San Marcos, CA. offering an integrative approach to Western & Holistic veterinary care.

An Integrated Mindset

As an all inclusive veterinarian in San Marcos, CA. our clinic integrates Eastern and Western therapeutic techniques in order to provide the most appropriate course of treatment for our patients.
Our facility is equipped to serve patients with either general, Western veterinary medicine, or Eastern and holistic veterinary methods, or an integration of the two, depending on what is the most beneficial and efficient in each case.
We look to educate our clients on possibilities for treatment and help them to choose the best course of action for the animal’s health and well-being.

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Our Services

Western and Holistic Veterinary Services in San Marcos, CA

East & West Education for Awareness

Our Staff

East & West Animal Hospital is the vision of Dr. Tomas Nespor. After working for more than 25 years in both Western and Eastern veterinary practices, his main desire is to integrate both advanced scientific and holistic medicine in one integrative veterinary center, where the best possibilities of both worlds can benefit the patient.

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Dr. Nespor and Staff at East & West Animal Hospital, Your Veterinarian in San Marcos
Dr. Nespor with a dog

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