Vaccination Progress
At East & West Animal Hospital, we believe in an appropriate vaccination program taking into account the individual needs of each pet. That means not over vaccinating, but not under vaccinating either.
We offer Regular vaccine packages, as well as Alternative packages, that are more customized and holistic.
With the Alternative packages we use a detoxification program. This decreases the negative side effects associated with vaccines and focuses on not over-stressing the immune system of your pet.
Additionally, we offer titer testing, which is a simple blood test that measures your pet’s antibody levels for the specific diseases we want to vaccinate against. This helps to determine if there is a need for additional vaccination or not at that time.
Vaccine products:
 After extensive research, we chose what we found to be the least harmful vaccine products on the market—those produced by Merial. These have the lowest incidence of adverse reactions, as well as the following advantages:

  • All Merial vaccines are mercury free. Mercury is found in thiomersal; a preservative found in a multi-dose vaccine vials. All of our Merial vaccines are shipped in individual dose vials which do not contain thiomersal.
  • Merial has the complete line of non-adjuvanted feline vaccinations. An adjuvant is an additive to a vaccine, used to stimulate the immune system to react to the vaccine. The benefit of non-adjuvanted vaccinations is the reduction of risk for granulomas (mass of tissue, typically due to infection, inflammation, or presence of a foreign substance). In severe cases, granulomas can develop into sarcomas (malignant tumors).
  • The vaccines for cats and dogs are modified-live vaccines, or recombinant canary pox-vector technology. This stimulates better immune response and promotes longer protection for your pet.
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