Vaccination Philosophy

Vaccines are given to pets to prevent them from developing dangerous diseases.

General vaccination programs have been developed as public protocol for cats and dogs. The downside of public protocol is that it gives one program for all pets. While some pets tolerate it and remain healthy, others do not. For some animals the regular vaccination schedule can create problems or side effects. We have learned this from many cases over the last few decades.
The “one size fits all” approach, we know now, can cause harm to certain pets by generating different allergic and/or autoimmune reactions. There have been cases where over-vaccination created alteration of behavior in more sensitive pets.
Some vaccines, due to their chemical configuration, can be harder than others for certain pets,. Chemical residue can remain in the body for longer period and become toxic burden for the pets.
We offer pre- and post-vaccine detoxification through a combination of herbal and homeopathic medicine.
Our goal is to expand from generalized protocol to more personalized pet care. We offer blood antibodies titers, showing the levels of currently available defense. We can measure the strength of defense in the body against diseases and prevent over-vaccination.
We also provide Serum Vaccine Titer Testing. Quick and in house blood testing verifies the level and strength of the patient's immune system in order to prevent unnecessary over vaccination.
Prepare For The Best Outcome
When vaccination is necessary, we can confirm the right timing of vaccination by offering energetic measuring of:
  • Immune system,
  • correct functioning of the basic organs- liver, spleen and kidneys,
  • possible level of toxins
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