Outpatient Consultation & Biotesting
We offer consultations for patients who cannot come to the clinic for an exam or are out of town, or want to have a supportive or extra consultation of an existing diagnosis.
Outpatient Consultation & Biotesting are useful as:
  • a supportive method for outpatients, giving client a diagnosis and recommendation based on:
-1) First question and answer session with doctor per phone
-2) Bio-testing of sent biologic samples of the animal by doctor
-3) A second phone conversation with doctor with result finding and recommendations.
  • a supportive method of an already existing diagnosis by a veterinarian, following the same steps as above mentioned​.
​Biotesting measures different frequencies of biological samples, known to correspond with different parts of the body. Biotesting can also reveal and monitor a variety of diseases, different bacteria, viruses and other biological substances.
Biotesting can be seen as an energetic equivalent of blood test results, comparable and helpful in the collection of useful information. Biotesting is non-invasive and is done with the Lecher instrument.
What to expect and steps of the Bio testing:
1) E-mail or phone call with the request, topic and any questions. This time the patient provides all necessary history and information.
​2) Sending of the biological material, as discussed with the doctor, packed in a tight plastic bag, wrapped in aluminium foil and placed in a padded envelope.
​3) Phone conversation or e-mail, after testing with findings and recommendations.
​What is required to be sent as biological material by patient’s owner for small animals?
  • 2 Q-tips cotton swabs wetted by patient’s saliva, placed in plastic bag, wrapped in aluminum foil,
  • 2 Q-tips cotton swabs dipped in morning urine, placed in plastic bag and wrapped in aluminum foil, and, if possible,
  • A small amount of patient’s hair, clipped on area which is safe, placed in a plastic bag and wrapped in aluminum foil.
  • Any other samples if requested by the doctor.
​What is required to be sent as biological material by patient’s owner for horses?
  • Two tablespoons of horse manure in plastic bag wrapped in aluminum foil,
  • A small amount of hair of the mane, if possible, wrapped in aluminium foil.
Bio testing can also be done on food and supplements. Energetic measurements of food, water and any supplements will give deeper insight in their quality, any possible presence of toxins and a proper fit with the constitution of the pet. It also will help to direct for further food intolerance testing if indicated and necessary.
If you have more questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, please call our clinic at: (760) 295-0550.