Dog getting Laser Therapy

The Class IV LiteCure Laser therapy we use provides a drug-free treatment for your pets for a variety of health conditions.

What is Laser Therapy?
Laser Therapy is used to reduce pain and inflammation through “Photo-bio-modulation”, a process by which the condition of damaged tissue is altered by stimulating cellular metabolism thereby accelerating the healing process. The large convex treatment head works to compress superficial tissue displacing excess fluid and enhancing laser penetration to deep structures.
Photochemical reactions occur when light is absorbed into the body, such as the human formation of vitamin D and photosynthesis in plants, which are both initiated by the exposure to sunlight. The energy produced by the absorption of light is dissipated as heat, generating a soothing warmth in the tissue.
How does laser therapy work in the targeted cells?
The ability of the laser to send light deep into cells stimulates ATP (energy) production inducing cell growth and proliferation. These mechanisms have been proven by 40 years of lab experience using lasers of minimum power. The recent development of higher power, as in the Class IV LiteCure systems we use in our hospital, enables to treat a greatly expanded range of conditions by efficiently delivering adequate doses of light deep into the tissue to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate healing.
What types of conditions benefit from laser therapy?
There are three main conditions that laser therapy can treat: pain, inflammation, and wound healing. These conditions cover both acute and chronic pain and inflammation from injuries, arthritis, ear infections, sinus infections, dental cleanings, and as well as other post- surgical and routine procedures.
How often to use Laser therapy?
Some conditions only require a single treatment, whereas some chronic issues require treatments as often as every other day, initially, followed by treatments every few weeks, for maintenance. It just depends on the patient and condition being treated..
Can Laser therapy successfully be integrated with other therapies?
Besides the integrative and complementary use with Western medical procedures and surgeries, it can be integrated with acupuncture, by stimulating acupuncture points for increased healing.
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Dog getting Laser Therapy